Matthew Edwards

Matthew Edwards was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has been ingrained in Portland’s music scene since age 14. After playing as a drummer in various punk and indie rock bands he started DJing at the Tonic Lounge where he held down a popular residency for 2 years. In 2008, he formed an 8-piece Michael Jackson cover band called NEVERLAND that played parties for the likes of Wieden + Kennedy, Portland Mercury, and Reid College, in addition to numerous weddings and fundraiser events. When NEVERLAND’s singer moved to New Zealand, Matthew shifted his focus back to DJ’ing weddings and parties. Currently, Matt is still heavily involved in the DJ, art, & music scene in Portland and plays in an electronic music duo called Magisterial while continuing to DJ parties and special events.

Phone: 503-888-6393

Email: [email protected]

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