DJ Nicky Evers

Nicky Evers is a multi-disciplinary entertainer with more than 10 years of experience performing around the world as a DJ, dancer, and juggler for crowds of all sizes. His experience at more than 50 unique weddings has given Nicky the opportunity to read a crowd and feel the music. This is the foundation for his approach as a DJ. He is equally comfortable with a huge range of musical genres – from soulful classics to popular hits. When asked what is is about DJ’ing he loves most, Nicky quickly responded “Nothing is better that seeing the joy in seeing people having a good time on the dance floor!”

As a DJ, Nicky specializes in weddings but has also performed at a number of events including private parties, fire dancing events, dance troupe functions, and corporate events.

We at Noteworthy DJs take our clients satisfaction very seriously and each of our DJs must complete a period of extensive training and education. We all use the best audio and lighting equipment, love music, and are equally capable of delivering 5-star service for your and your event.

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