DJ Rashad Rollins

Rashad Rollins is a seasoned purveyor of sound. After cutting his teeth in the Portland Hip Hop scene he quickly transitioned into performing funk and soul DJ sets at several fine art galleries. Then he’s not behind a pair of turntables, you can find him with a bass guitar leading his band The Hot Minute, playing high-energy, funky dance music.

Rashad’s ability to read a crowd is second to none, and with a keen ability to please just about everyone, the wedding and event environment is a perfect fit for him, given his deep catalog and understanding of both music and people.

“It is truly an honor to be apart of what is often revered as the most important day of couple’s lives. Music is an extremely important role in the wedding experience, and it’s a role which I am truly happy to fill”.

We at Noteworthy DJs take our clients satisfaction very seriously and each of our DJs must complete a period of extensive training and education. We all use the best audio and lighting equipment, love music, and are equally capable of delivering 5-star service for your and your event.

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